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Massachusetts Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization program (PHPs)—also known as day treatment—is a type of step-down program offered by Massachusetts rehab centers for patients who have recently completed inpatient treatment for substance abuse and psychiatric disorders.

In the state of Massachusetts, this level of care is most often referred to as day treatment. Day treatment programs can be offered as part of a continuum of care to prevent relapse in early sobriety and provide intensive support on an outpatient level.

Day treatment may be suitable for:

Ongoing care can serve as a supportive strategy to ensure patients are able to maintain their commitment to sobriety and break the cycle of addiction. Day treatment is one of several types of outpatient treatment programs that can support long-term addiction recovery.

Who Can Benefit From Partial Hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization is most suitable for people who have recently completed an inpatient program at a substance abuse treatment center. This is the most intensive, non-residential treatment program for addiction.

People who can benefit from PHPs include those who:

  • have recently detoxed or graduated from a residential treatment program
  • need greater support than is offered in other outpatient programs
  • do not require 24-hour medical and behavioral health care
  • have a busy work schedule or living situation that prevents them from entering a residential rehab program

How Partial Hospitalization Works

Partial hospitalization offers intensive support for addiction recovery without the requirement that patients stay overnight in a rehab center. Instead, patients may commute to treatment programming from home or a nearby sober living facility. 

Depending on the rehab center, partial hospital programs may vary in their format, intensity, and schedule. Within these programs, patients are generally required to attend treatment programming five days a week for anywhere from six to 10 hours a day.

The goals of day treatment programs are symptom stabilization and preventing drug or alcohol relapse. Behavioral health care professionals who facilitate treatment promote healthy behaviors and teach supportive coping skills for managing stress and triggers.

What Happens During Day Treatment Programs?

Day treatment offers a structured treatment schedule for addressing the medical, psychological, and emotional effects of addiction. During day treatment, individuals may receive an array of treatments and therapies.

Components of a day treatment program may include:

  • individual therapy
  • group therapy
  • behavioral therapy
  • family therapy
  • relapse prevention planning
  • dual diagnosis/mental health treatment
  • medication management
  • case management

Day treatment programs are similar to intensive outpatient programs (IOP) in that they offer a wide range of treatment services that may not be available through standard outpatient providers. 

Day treatment plans are often customized to meet the individual needs of patients, based on health history, the presence of co-occurring psychiatric disorders, and other personal factors. The length of day treatment may also vary according to each person’s needs and their progress in treatment.

Benefits Of Day Treatment Programs 

Day treatment programs can offer several benefits for individuals working to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Benefits of day treatment include:

  • structured and controlled treatment environment
  • regular supervision
  • flexible treatment schedule 
  • non-residential
  • lower cost than inpatient rehab
  • ongoing care and support in early sobriety
  • developing a strong support network
  • clinical follow-up
  • aftercare planning
  • referrals to outpatient clinicians

Massachusetts day treatment is a form of transitional care that can bridge the gap between the restrictive environment of inpatient hospitalization and independent living. After inpatient treatment, attending a step-down program can ease the transition back into a normal routine. 

Returning to work, school, or other social settings after getting sober can be challenging. In early sobriety, it can feel strange and unfamiliar to return to settings that you might associate with your substance use. 

Ongoing care in a short-term day treatment or intensive outpatient program provides an opportunity to work through triggers in early sobriety and continue to repair the damage wrought by your addiction.

Outpatient Treatment Programs At Recovering Champions

If you’re looking for intensive outpatient services for yourself or a loved one in Massachusetts, look no further than Recovering Champions.

We offer a partial hospitalization day treatment program that provides the most intensive form of addiction treatment aside from residential programs. We also offer residential rehab for residents who require a higher level of care.

Recovering Champions is an accredited treatment facility that serves the greater New England area. Located in the scenic Cape Cod area not far from many major cities in Massachusetts and close to neighboring New England states, our treatment center offers a peaceful and supportive environment for people in early to mid-recovery. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for substance abuse treatment has only become more urgent, as individuals and their family members grapple with unprecedented stressors and difficulties. Recovering Champions has remained open to help provide these essential treatment services for individuals and families affected by addiction.

For more information about outpatient treatment programs at Recovering Champions and the types of treatment, we offer, call us today.

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