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Always Health Partners Insurance For Drug Rehab

Figuring out how to pay for a drug or alcohol rehab program is a common concern of individuals and families affected by drug addiction. Across the New England region, there is a wide range of rehab centers that accept health insurance. 

Allways Health Partners is a national insurance company that can be used to help cover treatment costs for drug rehab. Depending on the type of plan you have, eligibility requirements for coverage, and the rehab center, your Allways health plan may be used to cover some or all of your treatment costs. 

At Recovering Champions, we understand how overwhelming it can be to find Massachusetts treatment centers that accept your insurance. Here, you’ll find information about what types of treatment programs are covered by Allways and an overview of our leading addiction treatment facility in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Allways Health Insurance Coverage For Drug Treatment

Allways Health Partners offers medical and behavioral health coverage for a variety of treatment services, including drug and alcohol rehab programs. 

Under federal law, health insurers like Allways are required to cover substance use and mental health services the same way that they cover treatment for medical health issues.

Allways offer a large network of treatment providers in the New England area through Optum. If you have an Allways health plan, your health benefits may be used for the following:

  • alcohol and drug use assessment
  • urgent care
  • detoxification services
  • inpatient treatment
  • outpatient treatment programs
  • dual diagnosis
  • prescription drugs
  • medical benefits
  • preventative behavioral health services

The amount of coverage you’re eligible for may depend on the type of Allways healthcare plan you have and whether your health care providers are in-network providers. The majority of Allways Health Partners healthcare plans are health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, which includes their Complete HMO.

Recovering from drug abuse may require treatment at multiple levels of care. Here is more information about the different types of treatment programs that may be fully or partially covered by your Allways insurance policy.

Learn more about Health Insurance Coverage For Drug Rehab

Drug And Alcohol Detox

Detoxification, or detox, is usually the first step towards addiction recovery. Inpatient and outpatient detox services may be eligible for Allways insurance coverage. To be eligible for coverage, you’ll need to find a medical detox facility that accepts Allways healthcare plans. 

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatment is the most effective treatment for substance abuse and addiction. If you want to use your Allways insurance to pay for inpatient or residential rehab, you may need to first get a referral. You can get a referral, or precertification, through a healthcare provider. 

Not all Massachusetts inpatient rehab centers accept Allways insurance. You can contact your insurance provider directly, or call a rehab center to verify your insurance coverage. By contacting an addiction specialist, you can learn more about how to find a rehab facility near you that accepts your health insurance.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment programs are offered by many New England rehab facilities as part of a continuum of care. Outpatient programs can vary in their level of support, structure, and their approach towards addressing health issues.

Outpatient treatment services that may be eligible for Allways coverage include:

Always insurance benefits may cover full or partial outpatient treatment costs depending on the types of treatment services and the treatment provider. In addition to evidence-based treatments—such as behavioral therapy—Allways does cover some holistic and wellness services as well. 

Using Allways Health Partners To Pay For Drug Rehab

Understanding your options for using Allways insurance to pay for drug treatment can help prevent unnecessary stress and unexpected costs down the line. Fortunately, Allways has a member support helpline to help policyholders verify healthcare coverage for themselves or family members.

Some helpful things to know before planning to use your Allways insurance to pay for rehab include:

  • your responsibility for copayment, cost-sharing, or coinsurance
  • deductible requirements
  • which treatment providers near you accept Allways
  • whether you need to get pre-authorization to be eligible for coverage

Finding A New England Rehab Center That Accepts Allways Health Insurance

If you’re looking for a Massachusetts rehab center that accepts your health insurance, consider Recovering Champions’ leading addiction treatment facility, located about an hour-and-a-half outside of Boston.

Our accredited rehab center offers a range of customizable outpatient treatment programs for substance use disorders, as well as access to detox services and nearby sober living options. 

With your permission, our addiction treatment specialists can:

  • verify your insurance coverage
  • provide an overview of your treatment options
  • help you determine which treatment program may be most suitable for yourself or a loved one

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t kept us from helping individuals find life-saving care for addiction to alcohol, opioids, and other addictive substances.

Contact us today to learn more about our treatment center and the types of insurance we accept.

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