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E4Health Insurance For Drug Rehab

At Recovering Champions, we understand the importance of removing cost as a barrier to high-quality, effective drug abuse treatment. We work with a wide range of insurance carriers, as well as behavioral health companies like E4Health, to best serve residents on their addiction recovery journey.

Here, you can find information on health services offered by E4Health, how E4Health can help you access addiction treatment services, and how to verify your insurance with our Massachusetts treatment facility.

About E4Health Coverage

E4Health is a national health risk management company that can connect employers with behavioral health and wellness services. It is not a private insurance company, nor does it function like public insurance such as Medicaid or Medicare.

E4Health offers coaching services, employee assistance, and health and wellness services for employers who purchase one or more of their programs for their employees.

E4Health offers three different programs for employers:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Wellness Program
  • Care Coordination

E4Health programs are generally purchased to supplement employee health insurance. The company boasts its ability to boost productivity, reduce healthcare costs for employers, and improve employee wellness. All three programs can be bought separately or together.

Health care services offered through E4Health vary by state and type of program. Your coverage for health-related services—such as counseling through E4Health’s system—will depend on programs utilized by your employer.

What Does E4Health Offer For Mental Illness And Substance Abuse?

Mental health is an essential component of overall health and wellness. Although E4Health does not offer health insurance, they do offer a range of services through their health system that can support individuals struggling with substance abuse issues.

Employee Assistance Program

The company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a variety of services to coordinate and facilitate health-related services. 

Behavioral health and wellness services offered may include:

  • 24/7 toll-free helpline
  • confidential counseling
  • legal consultation
  • financial assistance
  • health and wellness coaching
  • educational programs

Availability of these services, and associated costs, may depend on your employer and where you live in the United States.

Finding New England Drug And Alcohol Treatment With E4Health

Although E4Health does not offer health plans, it can help you coordinate care for yourself or a loved one through its network of New England rehab centers and treatment providers.

Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction may include:

  • detoxification (detox) services
  • inpatient and residential treatment programs
  • outpatient rehab programs
  • behavioral therapy
  • mental health treatment
  • support groups
  • medication-assisted treatment

By contacting E4Health, professionals with the company can provide emergency assistance, personal coaching, and referrals to in-network substance abuse treatment centers such as Recovering Champions.

If you have health insurance coverage through an individual, family, or group plan, you can use your health plan to help pay for your drug or alcohol rehab. 

Does E4Health Cover Drug Detox Costs?

E4Health does not offer insurance coverage for detox services through treatment facilities. However, the company can offer coaching services. Masters-level counselors with E4Health can help you or a family member create a treatment plan, which may include medical detox.

Detoxification is often the first step towards overcoming an addiction to alcohol, opioids, and other addictive substances. Detox services are usually covered under health plans from private insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna.

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Can E4Health Cover Inpatient Drug Rehab Costs?

Inpatient rehab centers in Massachusetts may staff treatment providers who work with E4Health’s system. However, E4Health does not offer insurance coverage for inpatient rehab directly.

Many New England treatment centers accept group health insurance plans provided through employers, such as HMO and PPO plans.

If you have health insurance through your employer, this may be used to help pay for some or all of your inpatient rehab costs. Copays, deductibles, and other eligibility requirements may apply.

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Can E4Health Cover Outpatient Rehab Programs?

Through E4Health’s EAP, you may be able to access health coaching and counseling services. However, if you’re looking for substance abuse treatment services outside of the company’s health system, you may need to look for treatment providers that accept your insurance.

Outpatient treatment can help support long-term recovery from addiction. At our treatment facility, Recovering Champions, we work with E4Health to coordinate outpatient care in our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.

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Can E4Health Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment is the most effective treatment for opioid addiction, and can also help individuals recovering from alcoholism and cocaine addiction. Counselors with E4Health may recommend you seek medication-assisted treatment, but they do not offer cost coverage. 

What To Know Before Planning To Use E4Health For Addiction Rehab

If you’re looking for drug rehab for yourself or a loved one with access to E4Health, the most important thing to know about E4Health is that it does not offer insurance coverage. 

Health insurance through insurance carriers may offer behavioral health coverage that can be used to pay for drug and alcohol abuse treatment. 

Your amount of coverage, and the types of treatment services that are covered, will depend on your insurance provider, the type of insurance plan you have, and where you live.

In summary, E4Health can be a useful investment for employers and offer a range of services that can support individuals on the road to addiction recovery. However, they do not offer financial coverage for treatment services.

Verify Your Health Insurance Coverage

Having access to E4Health’s Employee Assistance Program is not the same as having health insurance. However, E4Health can refer you to treatment centers like Recovering Champions.

Our addiction specialists at Recovering Champions can verify your health insurance and explain your treatment options based on your health plan’s behavioral health coverage. We’re based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and serve the greater New England region.

We work with E4Health specialists because we understand the importance of connecting individuals with the mental health and drug addiction resources they need. At our treatment facility, we offer a range of rehab programs for substance use disorders and dual diagnosis.

Begin Your Addiction Recovery At Recovering Champions

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s never too soon to seek help. Contact us today for more information about our Massachusetts treatment programs and to verify your insurance coverage. 

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