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Massachusetts Sober Living Options

Thousands of Massachusetts residents struggle with some form of substance abuse or addiction. Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction can be a lifelong process, and may be especially challenging without a supportive home environment in early addiction recovery.

Massachusetts is home to a range of sober living options for people who can benefit from additional structure and support in early sobriety. At Recovering Champions, we understand the importance of having a stable environment that feels safe and supportive as you build a new life in early addiction recovery.

Here, you’ll find information about sober living in Massachusetts, the benefits of entering a sober living home, and how our drug rehab center can help coordinate temporary housing in a sober living environment while you attend outpatient treatment at our drug rehab facility.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living is a type of transitional care. This refers to temporary housing within a designated community for newly sober individuals. Depending on where you live, these communities may also be referred to as therapeutic communities or recovery homes. 

Sober living homes offer a drug-free environment for people who either lack a supportive housing environment or believe they can benefit from the added structure and support that a sober living home can provide. This type of housing may also be beneficial for people who have traveled to a rehab center for treatment and require temporary housing off-campus.

Sober homes are more than just a place to stay. Sober living homes are designated specifically for people who are drug- and alcohol-free. These living environments provide stable housing for people in the later stages of addiction treatment as they are transitioning back into the community.

At sober living facilities, you’ll find:

  • safe, clean housing
  • supportive community
  • access to nearby social services and addiction treatment
  • social support
  • recovery focus

Some sober living environments offer low-intensity treatment services onsite, such as recovery support groups, 12-step groups, and behavioral support from live-in staff members. The types of amenities that are available at a sober living facility may vary.

Sober living homes are not residential treatment centers. They are often located near residential treatment centers, however, and may offer temporary housing after completing a residential treatment program. Sober homes can provide stable housing while you continue to attend a step-down rehab program at a nearby rehab center. 

Requirements For Sober Living

Sober living homes are often monitored and overseen by live-in behavioral staff. To be eligible for residence within one of these homes, you may have to meet certain requirements before or during your stay.

Common requirements for sober living eligibility include:

  • being sober 
  • participating in community/house meetings
  • contributing to household chores and tasks
  • attending substance abuse treatment at a nearby rehab center

Sober living homes can promote both physical and mental health for long-term recovery. According to some research, sober housing can help prevent relapse, improve social support, and provide other benefits associated with having access to stable housing in sobriety.

Where To Find Sober Housing In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to a range of sober living options. Many sober living environments are located near substance abuse treatment centers in order to provide easy access to treatment for the duration of your stay.

Sober living options are available near:

  • Attleboro
  • Boston
  • Dorchester
  • Fall River
  • Falmouth
  • New Bedford
  • Roxbury
  • Springfield
  • Wakefield
  • Woburn
  • Worcester

Availability within Massachusetts sober living homes may vary. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some recovery homes may be offering housing at limited capacity. 

How We Serve Residents Looking For Sober Housing In Massachusetts

Recovering Champions is an accredited substance abuse treatment center that offers a range of outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse and dual diagnosis. Our leading rehab facility is located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts — or about an hour-and-a-half out of Boston.

We partner with nearby sober living facilities to coordinate temporary housing for residents who require off-campus housing while attending treatment at our rehab center. 

We serve residents of the Greater New England area, including individuals across the state of Massachusetts and those traveling from surrounding states for professional behavioral health care.

During the course of the coronavirus pandemic, our treatment center has continued to help New England residents access the life-changing care they need to continue forward in their recovery journey.

Call us today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and how we can help coordinate sober housing for you or a loved one close to our treatment facility.

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